Brendan’s running club was founded in 2012 to give people the chance to train with an experienced fitness professional and runner.

The success of the club is down to our friendly and non competitive attitude, and our ability to treat everyone as an individual with no comparisons.

We have brought so many runners from couch to 5km, to 10km and lots have achieved their first half marathon and marathon with us.

We are now bringing this experience to you with starting with our online couch to 5km program.

With weekly video tutorials sent directly to your inbox to guide you on your journey,

This 8 week program is sure to help you reach your goals.

Over the next 8 weeks this plan is designed to have you running 5km.

Step by step this Couch to 5K program will guide you on your journey through our weekly video which will be emailed to your inbox.

To motivate you, outline the weeks plan, go through the warm up, take you through stretching, and answer the most common questions related to running.

You have made the first and often the hardest step, the decision to try.

With our help you can do this!

. The very best of luck on your running journey, Brendan

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